Top 11 Accessories For Industry Packaging

1. Ribbons
Although ribbons are not a necessity to packaging, it is an excellent way to catch your customers eye and have than appreciating your companies efforts with the great decor.

2. Wrapping Paper
A cardboard box will surely do the trick on getting the package delivered safely, but adding wrapping paper will add a beautiful touch to the package and satisfy your customers.

3. Stamps
Stamps are great for decorating the package for your customer on holidays or for special occasions such as birthdays or weddings.

4. Logos
Adding your logo to the package is just away to basically promote your business further and to add a design to an empty canvas. Most customers enjoy the logo decoration and wind up keeping the box to store personal items.

5. Bubble Packaging
This accessory is ideal for any company shipping out electronics or glassware. It will help decrease the risk of the item being broken or scratched while in transit.

6. Tape
Tape is an absolute must have for anyone packaging an item. Without it the package would simply fall apart and the product will be ruined.

7. Plastic Sheeting
Plastic sheeting can be used to cover, decorate or protect a product within the packaging itself. It can also be used to hold boxes together while in

8. Labels
Labels are needed for the customers address and name to be delivered properly. For food industry's, labels are needed for expiration dates and the products description.

9. Padded Mailer
Padded mailer are envelopes used to package smaller products for shipment. They are excellent for products like jewellery, office supplies and cell phones.

10. Shrink Wrap
This type of wrap is needed for items such as DVDs and CDs. It helps to insure the customer that the product has been untouched and protect the product from becoming scratched.

11. Bagging
Some items are difficult to wrap e.g. gravel, sand and pebbles.  These are heavy and awkward items requiring contract bagging otherwise known as contract packing services using thick and durable polypropylene bags or paper sacks which can be printed with your brand logo and product marketing specifications.

The following Bubble Wrap battle video shows a warehouse with bulk volume of wrapping material: